27.5-41 Friar Lane

Leicester Greyfriars Heritage Initiative - Restoration - 27.5 Friar Lane - 41 Friar Lane

The Restoration of Friar Lane Properties

The grant funded project covered a comprehensive scheme of external and internal works to a number of historic properties at 27.5-41 Friar Lane and 5 New Walk. The group of dwellings at 31-41 are Grade II Listed, of special historic and architectural interest.

Restoration Project

Comprehensive roof works to 35 & 37 have been undertaken between February and March 2020. These included removal of concrete tiles, necessary repair works to exiting roof timbers and re-cladding the pitched slopes with Welsh slate. Side gable and integral chimney were to address structural movement, with repointing of brickwork at eaves level.

Existing natural slate roof covering at other properties was repaired, with new lead flashings at roof level and supplementary repairs to guttering. New sliding sash and casement timber windows have been sympathetically replaced at 35 and 37 Friar Lane; they have been repaired and redecorated elsewhere.

In addition, timber, masonry & brickwork repairs were undertaken across the whole group of properties, complemented by internal renovations. A traditional boot scraper has also been reinstated at 31 Friar Lane, adding interesting detail and architectural interest to the nationally listed property.

Before & During Restoration

27.5-41 Friar Lane After Restoration