32 Millstone Lane

32 Millstone Lane Leicester

Encore House at 32 Millstone Lane is a 19th century former factory, since converted into residential & commercial use.

Restoration Project

The works consisted of comprehensive repairs to widows and associated joinery detailing to frontage, including replacement of rotten cills. Insensitive cementitious residue has been removed where present, with brickwork repointed and repaired where necessary. Redundant fixtures and fittings to the frontage were also removed, reducing clutter, with additional complementary repairs to rainwater goods and at fascia and roof level.

The works have enhanced the general condition of the prominent frontage and integral features of the building.

  • The works were completed between August and December 2017.
  • The contractors were Stimpson Builders.

32 Millstone Lane Before & During Restoration

32 Millstone Lane After Restoration