The Two Tailed Lion

Leicester Greyfriars Heritage Initiative - Restoration - The Two Tailed Lion, 22 Millstone Lane

Restoration of the Two Tailed Lion Pub

22 Millstone Lane is a Grade II Listed property, purpose built as a dwelling house in the 1880s, since converted into a public house, The Two-Tailed Lion.

The funded scheme of works included some targeted reinstatement of traditional features and complimentary repairs to the building frontage.

Restoration Project

The restored features comprised an intricately detailed downpipe, manufactured and installed by the regionally renowned Sand Cast Lead Conservation Ltd, a leaded stained-glass panel with a two-tailed lion to window and a bespoke new solid timber front door.

These new features have made a huge difference to the designated asset and the street scene of the Leicester Greyfriars Conservation Area.

Leicester company Sand Cast Lead Conservation Ltd in action

Before & During Restoration

The Two Tailed Lion After Restoration