27 Friar Lane

Leicester Greyfriars Heritage Initiative - Restoration - 27 Friar Lane

Restoration of 27 Friar Lane, Leicester

27 Friar Lane is an 18th century red brick house on the corner at the south end of New Street.

There were significant problems with the roof and years of poor maintenance caused a worsening situation with water ingress, leading to the building being added to the ‘at risk’ register.

In early 2019 the building was sold to developers Special Projects Limited, who have completely renovated and restored the building. It has been converted it into two eight-person dwellings.

A grant of £89,000 towards nearly half a million worth of works has supported the restoration works to the façade and roof.

The main contractor was Skill Stone Limited.

Before Restoration

27 Friar Lane After Restoration

History and Further Reading

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